AT LAST! A product that can be used as a dry rub for your pork, beef or chicken or used as a general seasoning for other dishes that doesn't have salt. Yes, that's right! This uniquely flavorful blend of herbs, spices and chile peppers is diverse enough to be used when grilling or baking. It's a perfect seasoning for French fries, roasted vegetables and potatoes. Crazy? No. Genius? DEFINITELY! This blend is very similar to the "Original" blend except the salt has been replaced with some non-traditional chile peppers. An excellent choice when preparing enchiladas, tortilla soup or other ethnic dishes. I keep some close by during grilling season. Try some on your eggs at breakfast! It's not just a marinade, it's a seasoning too. What won't you use it on?


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  • Herbs, Spices, Chile Peppers, Sugar